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Chefs Chef is designed to bring together the thoughts and opinions of the hospitality industry and food lovers all over the world. 


We are committed to bringing together everything that makes the hospitality industry so great. Everything we do, is with people in mind.

From the people who say hello as soon as you walk in, to the chefs who cook every element of every meal, the suppliers who work tirelessly to grow, find and deliver each ingredient, the friendly faces that bring out your order, make sure rooms are immaculate & the view across the gardens are spectacular, delivering the best service is all about people.

Chefs Chef is a base for Chefs and food lovers from across the web. It enables them to give their opinion of establishments, read articles on the newest kitchen equipment and cooking techniques and even exchange recipes at the click of a button.

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Helping Industry Professionals

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Chefs Chef is proactive in helping industry professionals looking for a new and exciting challenge in their chosen career. The website will display published job adverts for roles across the country from restauranteurs, hoteliers and recruitment specialists.

Our adverts run for a total of 30 days, with applications coming directly to your inbox, allowing you to measure the overall success of your advert.

We are from the industry ourselves and know what it's like when the pressure is on. For tips on writing an advert that will generate attention, check out our guide here.



Opinions & News 


Chefs Chef aims to bring the opinions of people in the Hospitality Industry to the public and to be a voice for the industry as a whole.

Chefs Chef will also bring a Chef’s profile to the forefront each month by doing monthly reviews of their brigade and market position including recipes from their current menus.

If you'd like your restaurant, hotel or staff to be featured email  




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