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How to Write an AMAZING Job Advert

Posted on: October 19, 2017     |     0 comments

Writing an AMAZING Job Advert

How to make your advert stand out from the crowd.

Everyone wants the best possible people working in their business, and right now, we have a significant shortfall of skilled employees, and an abundance of positions available. So in this climate, you need to be able to show right away that you are the best place to be.


Appeal Straight Away

When writing a job advert, you will no doubt have in mind, the type of person who would be great for this role. Write as though you were speaking to them and trying to convince them that this is just the best.

Keep the job title clear and precise if possible. If you can have a bit of fun with the title then go ahead but make it appropriate to the job. I've found that Professional Chef & Kitchen Wizard can yield very different results....that poor owl didn't know what it was in for.

When job adverts come up for similar positions, a lot of adverts look the same so think of a catchy opening line.

"We are looking for a Front of House manager who can ensure service runs smoothly" Yaaaaaawn!!!



"Are you a Front of House manager who can rock service, keep customers smiling & finish the shift with several high fives?" ROOOOOARRRRR!!!


Make it Personal


You have to come across like a person. This sounds obvious, but the mark gets missed alot. People need to see themselves being able to work there. Tell people what they'll be doing day-to-day but try to include what the team is like, for instance, does everyone go for nights out or organise activities out of work? Provide people with a snapshot of how great it is to work with your company. If you've got something unique about your business or something you want to highlight, by all means include it.


Include the Essentials


With every job you will need to make sure every applicant knows what the job will entail, what the title is, salary, how much experience they will require to be considered for the role, if its a permanent or temporary job and, of course, how to apply.


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