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Chef de Partie

£22200 - £22200 Edinburgh & The Lothians Ref: 104990

Is your head chef a sociopath? We all know at least one…
Are you being screamed at and just want to walk out?
Are you working 60-70 hours a week and sleep is your only comfort?
If you answered yes to all of the questions I think it may be a time for you to go…
We all know how hard this industry can be. Chefs are in higher demand than ever, shifts are getting longer and teams are getting smaller.
I currently work with several clients who are looking for chefs for many different roles and you never know what I may be able to find you.I can’t promise miracles – I can’t assure you that where you will go will be an upgrade, but I will give you the opportunity to find out by yourself before making a decision.
You may be wondering why you shouldn’t just apply directly? It’s simple – not every employer advertise. Some just use word of mouth, some advertise internally, some are waiting for the right candidate to appear. Let me do this work for you.
Commis chefs, Chef de Parties, Sous chefs, Head chefs, Pastry chefs, Line chefs, all of you – feel free to apply and please pick up your phone when I call you back! I am expecting a huge load of applications, hence my apologies if I don’t reply to you within the first couple of weeks.
Candidates must be eligible to live and work in the UK and provide evidence of such upon request. I will also need you to provide me with details of two references.

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