• Posted on: 2 Nov 2010     |     1 comment Category: News, Tips & Reviews on Chefs-Chef.co.uk Thermomix - A must have piece of equipment The Thermomix is the must have gadget for the professional kitchen.

    Not only a food-processor, but one that also weighs, cooks, chops, crushes, emulsifies, whips, mixes, steams, blends, kneads, grinds, simmers, grates and mills.
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  • Posted on: 30 Aug 2010     |     0 comments Category: Chefs Techniques Sous Vide Technique Sous vide is a long established but relatively little known cooking process in which food (usually a cut of meat) is vacuum sealed, either with or without an accompanying sauce or seasoning, and then cooked at a low temperature (typically around 60°C) for comparatively long periods of time. Read full article
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