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Instanta SV38 Digital Water Bath Review

Posted on: September 17, 2012     |     0 comments

Instanta SV38 Digital Water Bath Review

Designed with the needs of top chefs in mind, the Instanta SV38 Digital Water Bath is a high-tech invention which encompasses a range of specialist features allowing it to revolutionise commercial kitchens everywhere. Destined to improve the working lives of many a busy chef, this super smart water bath is a safe and effective solution, allowing for constant temperatures to ensure food remains at its best for longer.

The durable unit itself is made from a winning combination of stainless steel and heavy duty hinged safety glass and was developed following much consultation by a company with over 50 years experience in providing leading hot water technology at a highly professional level.

Benefiting from an easy to read digital display, the water bath includes both Set" and "Actual" temperature control to within 0.1у, making it not only user-friendly but also highly efficient and accurate .This gives greater peace of mind and is not time-consuming to achieve.

Added to that, there are five timers which include hours, minutes and seconds and a special agitation pump system which allows water to be pumped around the bath on a regular basis to eliminate the common problem of hot and cold spots.

In terms of practical capability, the heat up time to 65C is 44 minutes, using 3KW power and low water level heating and the unit itself is easy to clean thanks to its clever drainage system.

In addition to the temperature controls, the 38 litre capacity unit has useful stainless steel racks which can be easily removed for use with suspending pouches. There is also technology employed which can effectively separate portions and reduce the chance of food boiling dry.

At 375w x 588d x 415h, the incredibly well-designed Instanta water bath is sturdy, uniquely targeted towards chefs and ultimately one of the best products on the market when it comes to efficiency, overall effectiveness and flexibility. Boasting so many useful and essential features, there is little else available on the market which can compete on the same level as this digital water bath.

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