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Thermomix - A must have piece of equipment

Posted on: November 2, 2010     |     1 comment
Thermomix - A must have piece of equipment

The Thermomix was designed by a German company called Vorwerk. They have used some excellent engineering in bringing this new age kitchen gadget. The Thermomix looks slick and is easy to store away.

The mixer saves a severe amount of time in a chef’s day from preparation to cooking.

For example a crème brulee mix from start to finish would normally take in the region of an hour and a half! The Thermomixer reduces that to 15 minutes. Also all chefs know in the lead up to service a hollandaise sauce can get a sweat on, the Thermomix takes 4 minutes to make this thick sauce.

The only downside for this piece of equipment for many would be price. A machine of this quality does not come cheap - £800.  For the professional chef this money is quickly recouped by time saved in the chef’s day and energy bills.

The Thermomix comes with only one jug so needs to be washed frequently. Extra jugs are available at approx £225 or a chefs package which includes 2 jugs at £988.

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