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Italian Meringue

Posted on: February 5, 2016     |     0 comments

Italian Meringue


600g Caster Sugar

10 Large Egg Whites

30g Liquid Glucose

120ml Water


Put the sugar, glucose and water in a pot and mix together. 

Dip a clean pastry brush in water and wipe down the the sides of the pot.

Place on a high heat, do not stir or agitate the mix. If the sides of the pot get coated, brush it down with water.

Start whipping your egg whites in a mixer.

Continue to boil until the syrup reaches 120 degrees and remove from the heat.

When the egg whites are stiffening, slowly add the syrup until fully incorporated.

Continue to whisk until the mix has cooled. It should be glossy and thick.

Use as required, this mix can be frozen until required making it perfect for baked alaskas.


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