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Pressed Terrine of Smoked Mackerel, Smoked Trout and Saffron Potatoes with Kohlrabi Remoulade, Toasted Sour Dough and Lobster Mayo

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• 600g  Smoked Mackerel
• 500g  Ratte Potato (peeled and cooked with saffron)
• 2 pk   Smoked Trout
• 250g   Butter
• ½ pkt Dill (chopped)
• ½ pkt Chervil (chopped)
• 1 Lemon
• Dijon Mustard
• Saffron


De-bone mackerel (keep skin on), line terrine with cling film and add mackerel fillets skin side to the base and sides of the mould.  Brush with a little Dijon mustard.

Mix the softened butter with the herbs, lemon juice and cooked saffron potatoes. Season to taste.

Layer the centre of the mould with the potato mix and smoked trout and close the terrine with the rest of the mackerel.

Close cling film over the top of the mould and weight lightly for 4 hours minimum in the fridge.


• 4 Kohlrabi, shredded
• Horseradish sauce
• Crème fraiche
• Grain mustard
• Lemon juice


Shred Kohlrabi on a mandoline and add rest of ingredients to taste.

Lobster Mayo

• 150g cooked Lobster
• 20g Chives, chopped
• 10g Chervil, chopped
• 1 lime (juiced)
• 25g Mayonnaise


In a small mixing bowl add the lobster (flaked), chives and chervil mayo and lime juice to taste.

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