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Smoked Salmon Terrine

Posted on: January 11, 2016     |     0 comments

This is a great terrine for functions, simple, tasty & fresh. Works very well with Citrus dressing.


600g Smoked Salmon (Sliced legnthways for lining the terrines)

900g Fresh Salmon

450g Diced Salmon Gravlax

230g Diced Smoked Salmon

230g Clarified Butter

30g Chives

30g Dill

30g Parsley

30g Chervil

40ml Lemon Juice

Finely Grated Zest of 2 Lemons

Seasoning - Sea Salt, Ground Pepper & Cayenne Pepper

50ml Olive Oil (for cooking the Fresh Salmon)


Oil your chosen terrine moulds lightly, then cover the inside with cling film

Layer the long sliced smoked salmon in the moulds leaving an excess over the sides to fully wrap the mixture

Put in the fridge to chill

Slice the raw salmon 5mm thick and season with salt and ground pepper

Heat olive oil in frying pan & lightly cook the salmon without browning

Place in a colander to drain the excess water & oil

Remove salmon from the colander & place in a bowl, add the diced smoked salmon and cured salmon and mix gently

Finely chop all the herbs & grate the lemon zest

Add the herbs, lemon juice & zest

Gradually add the butter and season to taste with sea salt, ground pepper & cayenne pepper

Spoon the mixture into the terrines

Enclose the terrines with the excess sliced smoked salmon

Place in the fridge to set, press with a weight.

Cut into portions & serve chilled

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