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21212 Restaurant

Posted on: December 15, 2010     |     0 comments

21212 Restaurant Edinburgh opened in May 2009 received rave reviews and numerous awards including; Best New Restaurant in the UK 2009 and a Michelin Star in January 2010

I visited as part of a network dinner event and I must say I wasn’t disappointed. The décor is stunning, the staff incredibly welcoming and very hospitable. The service was delivered in unobtrusive way and the food, while not what I was expecting, was great.

Starter -

Creamy Plum Tomato & Garlic Soup, Cauliflower & Puree of Celeriac, HP Fruity
This along with the huge olives and freshly cooked bread was truly fantastic.

Main -

Chicken Curry 21212 Style “Spicy Bisque”
Slow Cooked Breast, Corn-Fed Chicken, “Brown Lentil Dhal” With Pine Nuts, Coconut, Onions & Garlic, Bound With Carrot Puree, Curried New Potatoes, Saffron Poppadom, Wild Black Cherries

When this was first served I truly thought it was a mistake, a second Entrée as the portion looked really small but having ‘rapidly’ consumed the very tasty meal I felt quite full and was very relieved when there was a healthy gap before the dessert.
I later learned that this is a new cooking style, where like pasta, the food continues to expand once eaten making small portions seem larger once consumed.

Intermediate course -

A delightful intermediate course was up next which was a sort of porridge consistency served through a cow shaped jug. This also served to amuse most of the people present.

Dessert -

Layered Apple Crumble Trifle, Vanilla Sponge & Custard, Granny Smith Apple Puree, Cinnamon Anglaise, Currants, White Chocolate, Cream Cheese, Praline (Happy Layers)

This was a perfect finish to what was a very impressive meal.

Coffee -

Unfortunately the serving of coffee in paper cups really wasn’t my idea of being trendy and left a decidedly bad taste in an otherwise very content mouth.

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