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The Black Sparrow on Glasgow’s Charing Cross

Posted on: November 18, 2010     |     0 comments
The Black Sparrow on Glasgow’s Charing Cross

Arriving late to a popular bar and restaurant in Glasgow is never a good idea especially when you are looking to get a late bite to eat!

The staff at the Black Sparrow were excellent, getting our small party of four some space at the bar for a couple of drinks while they redressed a table. Although the bar was extremely busy it added to the atmosphere which helped bring this night spot to life.

The selection of Whiskey and Rum from the bar was superb. “Oh the Rum some say a vice, but I am more inclined to say a JOY”. The waiter quickly shifted through the crowd and escorted us to the table at the end of the long set of booths in the middle of the restaurant. The menu was a selection of all things you would expect on a good bar restaurant menu from burgers to pizza with some Thai influenced food.

I opted for the chicken burger with home made fries and relish.  After seeing another table's chicken satay the rest of the party couldn’t resist ordering the same.  The burger was moist and the chips excellent, a steal at under ten pounds. The boys all knew I had order envy as the smell from the peanut sauce on their plates was exceptional. After we had all cleaned our plates we could not resist returning to the bar for another Rum before moving on.

On receiving our bill we noticed there was an extra round of drinks listed, but our waiter quickly dealt with it no questions asked.

I would highly recommend The Black Sparrow for food and drinks as the food although simple is excellently cooked and the flavours well balanced.

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