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Busaba, Leicester Square, London

Posted on: March 23, 2011     |     0 comments

Busaba don’t take bookings so you have to queue to get in. Being a Saturday night there was a long line of diners eagerly anticipating the experience - evidence of how good it is. Menus are offered to browse whilst you wait under big outdoor heaters, so no complaining of the cold. Depending on your party size you may be offered a table sooner - our party of 3 only had to wait a few minutes. Rather than individual tables they sit you at large square tables that seat up to 12 however there are low slung giant lamps from the roof so no-one feels that their space is being invaded.

With a prime location just off Leicester square prices are keen (for London anyway) due to competition. Our meal for 3 with drinks and 2 courses each (plus maybe 1 or 2 cheeky extra sides) was £80. Fantastic - with plenty to choose from, including vegetarian options, soups, salads, smoothies & teas and dishes are good sized portions. Also on offer are plenty of sides which are great for sharing.

There is a great atmosphere as it is constantly busy with dimmed lighting and oriental themes, people coming and going, large groups of people situated round giant tables, fast service, and great Thai beer.

The service was quick and quiet and it feels like food just appears on the table. Busaba is situated very near to several tube stations and on a main road this restaurant is not hard to find, you'll spot it by being drawn to the queue of people who look like they're waiting to get into some super must see club!

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