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An interview with Head Chef - David Cagle

Posted on: October 29, 2010     |     0 comments

I met with Head Chef David Cagle on a  Monday afternoon in early September, it was one of their quieter days and David was able to join me in the bar with only a couple of diners still lingering from lunchtime service. I was immediately offered a cup of strong coffee as David needed one himself after a rigorous weekly audit.

David immigrated to Scotland when he was still relatively young and very quickly decided to become involved in the hospitality industry. He enrolled in the NVQ programme at the Food Technology College in Glasgow. He excelled in all modules and gained his first position as a Commis Chef with the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow. Over the following decade David worked his way through the ranks in several prestigious Scottish hotels and restaurants.These establishments included the 5 star Hilton Hotel Ardoe House in Aberdeen and the luxury Cameron House Resort at Loch Lomond. He then joined forces with one of Glasgow’s top Front of House Managers, Gordon Yuille, to open the highly anticipated Catch 22 on Bath Street.

During his time at Catch 22 David forged an excellent reputation for himself and the restaurant as one of the best seafood restaurants in Glasgow competing with long standing establishments such as Rogano and Gamba.

Now in The Restaurant Bar and Grill, David is responsible for a large brigade of professionals. Since taking over this highly rated team he has systematically improved a number of previous problem areas including staff retention and increased GP month on month.

Daily tasks for David are varied and demanding and this is where the job satisfaction is derived. On any given day he can be cooking on the line with his brigade of 9 and also completing the relentless paperwork that Head Chefs the length and breadth of the country succumb to! David absolutely loves the buzz of a busy service on a Saturday night and smiles when discussing the previous Saturday service when the covers exceeded 250. Of his disciplined and fast paced kitchen he declares “If the speed on the line dies then you die in the service”! A rye comment indeed from a seasoned chef with passion for what he does.

As with all Head Chef's it is not long before demands begin to be made on his time from his busy brigade. David has to bring the interview to a close and leaves me to assist one of the Chef de Parties with the evening Mise en Place.  

I was allowed to observe in the open kitchen for a short while as David resumes his role as head of one of the busiest kitchens in Glasgow.

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