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An interview with Robbie McGuinness @ the Arches Café Bar Glasgow

Posted on: February 18, 2011     |     0 comments
An interview with Robbie McGuinness @ the Arches Café Bar Glasgow

Upon arriving at the Arches Café Bar I am met with a quiet relaxed feeling, you only get just after the lunch trade starts to fade in a busy Glasgow city centre restaurant. I can hear Robbie laughing and joking with his team in the kitchen. Robbie comes out with a huge smile on his face, one I have come to know over the years of meeting Robbie in kitchens across Glasgow.

I first met Robbie when we where both working hard in 4 star kitchens about 10 years ago and you can still see in his eyes enthusiasm and hunger for the trade. We start talking like we are still working in the kitchen, catching up on Glasgow hospitality gossip and where the good chef jobs are in the country at present.

Robbie talks about seasonality and some of the great produce available at present, from wild pheasant to baby beets, the love for fresh seasonal ingredients is clear for all to see. Robbie’s menus are full of great ideas and combinations which showcase Scottish produce but he always keeps a reasonable price tag on dishes to bring in the surrounding lunch trade from the offices in the city centre.

Robbie started his career in the 4 Star Marriot Hotel in Glasgow where he completed an apprenticeship in professional cookery. Over the years Robbie has worked in some of the top brigades the city has to offer and mentions well known Chefs like Guy Callister (Head Chef at Jamie’s Italian), Richard Lyth (Head Chef at  Menzies Glasgow) and Liz McGuegan (The Left Bank), as being great inspiration throughout his career. Now running his own brigade he is keen to pass on his skills to junior members of his brigades and regularly encourages his team to compete in competitions and do stages with other brigades to keep them at the top of their game.

Robbie will continue to work hard in the Glasgow hospitality industry for many years to come, but sees himself in a more remote location in Scotland growing his own vegetables and having easier access to fresh game, poultry and fish from the land and sea.

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